At Last Autumn Has Arived…!!!

At Last Autumn Has Arived…!!!

Its been a long time coming but after a wet and rainy summer Autumn has finally arrived, I have to admit I was beginning to think I might have missed it !

Like many photographers its a time of the year I yearn for and as October approaches I find myself checking the foliage almost daily for signs of an imminent explosion of colour. In reality nature takes her time with these things so far from being an overnight change we’re taken on a more subtle journey as she mixes the colours on her canvas whereupon with the finishing brush stroke we exclaim “Autumn has arrived”.

I love wander through our woodland at any time of year but especially during the Autumn months when there is a special atmosphere. Like some I am often guilty of bemoaning the quality of the light as an excuse for not taking photos, not so at this time of year when there is never a dull moment so to speak. I cannot resist the pull of the beech woods which to me are the embodiment of autumn, standing tall laden with leaves of gold and rich ochre. My favourite locations is the woodlands in and around the North Downs stretching from Ranmore Common westwards across White Downs and beyond. Here the beech woods are a truly majestic sight whether set ablaze in the glory of an autumn sunrise or casting long shadows amongst the embers of shed leaves.

Beech Woods, Ranmore Common

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