Secret Wood

Secret Wood

I’ve been exploring the North Downs near Ranmore Common an area I’ve gotten to know quite well over the years mostly drawn to the beech woods in autumn but also to enjoy the wonderful views from Hackhurst Downs towards Abinger and Gomshall. However no matter how much you think you know a place there is always something new to discover and during a recent visit I noticed a little used track concealed by overhanging trees and scrub copice leading into the woods beyond.

I’ve since explored my mystery trail which has led me to discover a wonderful secretive wood, silent and undisturbed but for the signs and sounds of nature, the few old boundary tracks that navigate the wood, overgrown and seldom used.

Oak and beech stand side by side, reaching upwards and twisting sideways at the same time while gnarled and fallen limbs lie about their feet adorned with rich velvety moss. The quintessential English wood it has a special atmosphere almost like an enchanted garden that untended has become overgrown with time.

I’ve visited the wood on a number of occasions now and each has been different, on my last I was treated to the magical atmosphere created by a veil of ethereal mist and diffused sunlight seeping through the canopy. I’ve only just started to explore its secrets and will be back from more but for now enjoy !

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