When a misty morning is forecast always pack a camera !

When a misty morning is forecast always pack a camera !

Nothing planned I woke up this morning with a hint of mist in the air and after several weeks of almost continuous rain I couln’t resist the temptation to grab my camera and headed to Box Hill and glad I did ! One of the iconic Surrey hilltops Boxhill offers wonderfull panoramic views at anytime of year but visit during the autumn and winter months, on a cold misty morning, and you will be treated to an even more wonderfull inversion of cloud mist through which the tips of trees and church spires are all that can be seen. I’ve actually include some images from previous visits to illustrate the contrast in mood and atmosphere as the early morning sun burns through the mist.

So next time the weather man (or lady) forecasts mist or fog remember to take your camera.

The images are actually stitched panoramas so make sure you maximise the slide show to get the full effect (click the little arrows at top right corner).

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