Encaustic Wax

Encaustic Wax

After attended an exhibition by a fellow photographer I was fascinated by the use of a technique called Encaustic Wax creating a textured almost painterly quality. Inspired by the exhibition I researched further and began to discover a technique that has its origins far back in history.

Intrigued by the possibility of using it in my own images I decided to see if there were any practical courses available and stumbled across Dawn Brimicombe an artist who specialised in encaustic wax and mixed media. After discussing further with Dawn I decided to take the plunge and attend a full day workshop combined with a late summer break in Lyme Regis where Dawn is based.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect and whether I’d find myself a fish out of water. I was but I needn’t have worried though as Dawn proved a wonderfully teacher full of enthusiasm for sharing her craft as well as being a perfect host.

Although I’d researched the use of encaustic wax I soon discovered just how adaptable it can be when combined as a mixed media format. Dawn patiently took me through the basics teaching the importance of preparing the medium and layering the wax “base” before demonstrating various techniques for combining images and working with various mediums and tools to create different effects and finishes at one point with me brandishing a blow torch ! Without Dawns tuition I doubt I’d have learned as much as I did nor would I have benefited from the many “secret” tricks of the trade that she was happy to share.

For anyone who is considering encaustic I would highly recommend attending one of Dawns classes but be warned Dawn’s enthusiasm is infectious and not only will you leave knowing much more about the craft but will also a head full of creative ideas to explore !  You can find details of Dawn’s workshops and see more of her work at …

Blue Birds at Dawn

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