“Vantastic” – A New Project

“Vantastic” – A New Project

Well the last few months have been a time of change and which I won’t bore you with suffice to say a change in the “day job” has taken me away from my beloved Surrey Hills patch and for the moment left little time to pursue photography. A conscious decision and one that was inevitable though no less easy to make. However as they say change is good and in my case also born out of a “game plan” fueled by a new project. The title (not to mentioned image) is a bit of a giveaway…I’ve invested in a “van”…not just any old van but a 30 year old classic in the form of a VW T25 or in some circles affectionately known as the “brick” ! So what has this to do with photography you might ask well it could be just about the most important bit of “gear” I’ve purchased


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